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Food, Health and Life Restaurant Review

Pasta Worth the Wait… Il Corvo in Seattle

Part of life’s adventure for our family, especially me, is trying new restaurants. Now that our sons are all grown up and foodies themselves, it’s been super fun letting them take the lead. Zach is now back East working, insert sad mom face, but before he left we adventured into the Seattle where he planned …

Adventures in Life College Process

Home From College

They Are Home!!!! The holidays are fast approaching. You’ve cooked for days.  You’ve planned all of your child’s favorite meals.  You are picking them up from the airport or their college on Friday and keeping them until Sunday.  You have every minute of the day planned.  You have missed your child so much your heart …

Adventures in Life Marriage

Adventure Days

We’ve had over 31 years of adventure days, my husband and I.  When people ask me how we’ve made our marriage work for over 30 years, this is what I tell them…. The Best Advice A month before my wedding, my grandmother pulled me aside and gave me two pieces of advice.  One, marriage is …