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Women Who Inspire: Obsessed by Portia

As I arrived for my meet-up at our local hang-out, Moe’s Espresso, I reflected on my friendship with Portia of Obsessed by Portia.  Whether you follow her or not, she is an amazing woman and I was instantly met with a smile and a hug as we haven’t gotten to sit down and visit in …

Adventures in Life

Finding My Tribe

Friendships change.  This may or may not come as a surprise to many of you, but over the course of your lifetime, friendships and what define them, change.  In our youth, our friends were who lived in our neighborhoods or went to our church or school. As we got older we defined our friendship with …

Adventures in Life

Family & Christmas & Kids

It’s the holidays and we’ve recently had a few of our younger friends ask us how we spent the holidays once the boys were born. I’m going to preface this with, yes, we are obviously still married. We don’t have the difficult decision facing families with kids where the parents are no longer together. My …