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Adventures in Life Parenting

How We Raised Readers

It all started with a bit of advice. When I was carrying the boys, my husband received a bit of advice from a colleague who shared his name Michael.  Mike, I’ll call him, had raised three daughters with his wife who was a teacher in the Massachusetts Public School System.  He told, my Michael, ” …

Adventures in Life College Process

Making the Final Decision

Well. It’s been a long processes. It’s included tears, laughter, stress, joy, heartache and its time for the final decision. The Time Between. Between submitting the college applications and all the paperwork and the arrival of letters, our sons used the time to complete scholarships. I will be honest. There are a ton of scholarships …

Adventures in Life

Finding My Tribe

Friendships change.  This may or may not come as a surprise to many of you, but over the course of your lifetime, friendships and what define them, change.  In our youth, our friends were who lived in our neighborhoods or went to our church or school. As we got older we defined our friendship with …