Gifts for the Techie In Your Life

Are you needing gift ideas for the technie in your life? Or is this going to be your wishlist?

Tech is the number one requested gift item more and more. As a runner, blogger and traveler #allthingstech really is a life-saver! You know who’s asking Santa for everything on this list, right?

What are the top tech gifts for 2019?

  1. Headphones/Earbuds
  2. Mobile Case Devices
  3. Portable Battery Chargers
  4. Video Game Discs
  5. Portable Wireless Speakers

Did you know 71% of people surveyed said they plan to gift streaming or download services like Disney+ or Netflix?

  • 8 million wireless ear buds will be gifted this year
  • Ear buds should come with at-least 3 pairs of eartips. Remember, no two ears are the same – even on your own head. Don’t settle for the cheap ones that don’t give you options. You, or the person you are gifting, will never use them if they don’t fit properly
  • I use mine when I work out, how about you? Make sure they are rated IPX4 or higher to make them sweat proof!
  • Giving the gift of health is huge this year and we are learning more and more that monitoring your heart rate during exercise and at rest leads to better efficiency. Your body needs time to recover before working more, so make sure your heart rate is 7 bpm over your average resting rate before heading into that next class. To lose weight, your ideal zone is 70-80% of your maximum bpm. See where were going here? Tech is your friend.

Get a room full of Seattle influencers together to talk about tech? You will get standing room only!

My 2019 Tech Gift Guide!

You are bound to find at least one item that will match up for your friend, spouse or in-laws lifestyle. There is also an amazing range of prices in the group. So don’t be afraid to scroll down, read a little more and click on the link in the title of each item. One of these is sure to catch your eye!

FitBitVersa 2

$149.95 This fitness and wellness watch may get me to go back to monitoring all my stats! There are so many more options than before and that price-point is much more attainable than an iWatch. 24/7 heart rate monitoring and Sleep Score if you keep it on through the night. It even has Alexa built-in for the extra tech lover!

FlyTunes™ Audio Transmitter

$39.95 was never more useful! Whether on a plane or at the gym, don’t you just hate it when those Bluetooth® earphones aren’t compatible with the in-flight or the spin bike at the gym then this adapter is your new friend. Able to last up to 8 hours and able to pair with 1 or 2 Bluetooth® devices! So grab your ear buds and jump on that Peloton® now!

Mophie Powerstations

$35-125 Nothing is worse than running out of power because life got away from you and you haven’t had time to charge up your gear. my hubby travels and I head out for a day of hiking or just shooting photos. POW! “Low Battery” pops up and you miss those photos or you are on an important call and “Oops!” too bad-so sad. Powerstations are a must have for days like this, right? Well, you will love the versitility of products by Mophie. Small and light with wonderful fabric covers so they won’t scratch all your other tech in that huge carry-on you’ve tossed it into! Charge 2.5x faster and get up to 35 hours of talk-time depending on the model you choose. Don’t be left wanting…pick one up today!

Amazon Kindle Fire

$129.95 This is the one tablet that I would have loved to have for our sons when they were young. Besides the amazing case, 2 year warranty (hello, toddler boys!) and all the parent control options, it is definitely the go-to for tablets this season. Features I loved learning about: individual login-in for each member of the family and kids need a special PIN to leave their station; adaptible as the kids age with a sliding scale; login yourself and monitor what they are doing/reading; set parameters before gaming can occur like 20 minutes of reading and/or 30 minutes of educational apps first…yes parents you can and should put limits on kids but that is a whole different blog post!

1More Wireless In-Ear Headphones

$99 in-ear wireless headphones! Even better they come in fun fashionable colors so they don’t look like everyone else’s ear buds. Up to 6.5H of talk/listening time, these earbuds also include individual volume control which are perfect for people like me who have significant hearing loss in one ear. All the bells and whistles when it comes to noise cancelling technology and sound optimization. Yes, please!

Jabra Wireless Headsets & Earbuds

$99-$299 You’ll have multiple options for your calls and music with the latest Jabra tech. Each has it’s own features, but if you can’t tell from the photo of me trying these out, I loved the truly noise-cancelling capabilities. I was in a room full of Seattle influencers and we love to talk, right? All I heard was the music! Not wanting to mess the hair-do, I’d probably go for the ear buds. Wanna know something even better… rain resistant/water protected depending on the model. This PNW runner loves that for sure!

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A special Thank You and shout out to Suzanne Kantra @suzannekantra & @techlicious and @CTATech for this amazing event!

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