Tortellini Soup

Fall is officially here in the PNW and that means it is soup season in the Rodriguez home. Our family absolutely loves homemade soups. I love recipe that are particularly healthy and the family doesn’t know it. I love the smells of the house as soups simmer on the stove. It brings back so many memories, right?


One of our all-time favorites is Tortellini Soup. Chock full of fresh vegetables and made with ground turkey instead of Italian sausage in our home, this soup is reheat-able and freezable. You just can’t beat it this time of the year with busy schedules.

Prep time can be a bit much since there are so many veggies, but you can cut that time in half with a chopper. These are fantastic for any time you have recipes with loads of veggies or even when you need to chop onions into bits small enough that you know they are there but your picky kids don’t 😊


I start by setting my pot of water to boil for the tortellini. Sorry, but I don’t make mine myself I buy them in the freezer section. You do you and I’ll do me. This is a no judgement zone when it comes to tortellini. Fresh, frozen, packaged or homemade. You decide.

Once that is going it’s time to Brown the ground turkey in my soup pot. I brown it using avocado oil and Penzey’s Tuscan Sunset season to give it the favor of the Italian sausage without the not so great other stuff.


As its browning, I commence vegetable chopping tossing them all in a big bowl as I go. After all the veggies are done, it’s really just a dump in the pot, add the remaining ingredients and set to simmer.

That’s when I add the tortellini to my boiling water. Then drain them when they are done.

Soup Time!

So here’s the trick. We serve the soup, buffet-style. The pot of the tortellini is next to the pot of the soup. Everyone can decide their own tortellini to soup ratio. I’m a loads of soup to a few tortellini. My son Josh is loads of tortellini to a little soup. Zach is a perfect bite ratio kind of eater. The hubby is a mix of us all. That’s what’s nice about serving it this way.

I also keep it separate when packaging up leftovers for the freezer or fridge. This way the tortellini doesn’t swell up and get soggy.

Serve with fresh graded Parmesan cheese and a hunk of crunchy bread (especially great for dipping).

I hope you enjoy this Rodriguez Family Favorite!

Tortellini soup

Download Tortellini Soup PDF


Food Chopper by Prep Works 

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